The first system to provide all-tyres-deflated
performance on the single piece wheel.


Runflat CBR (Combined Beadlock Runflat) incorporates both strong beadlock and runflat support on the single piece drop-centre wheel.

No other runflat insert combines the features incorporated within Runflat CBR or offers a comparable performance.

Runflat CBR sits on the wheel between the tyre’s breads. Tightening onto the wheel forces its semi-flexible main body into the tyre’s beads creating a strong beadlock force. This flexibility provides beneficial shock absorption. ‘Active beadlock’ force increases when the Runflat CBR is loaded during a runflat incident. An anti-friction component with semi-sealed lubrication increases runflat distance and speed capability.


The main body of Runflat CBR, manufactured from a high grade DuPont monopolymer, is a cantilever in design. There is no superfluous material, and this makes for a very lightweight runflat insert. Technology and design, rather than product mass, provides strength combined with shock absorption, greatly reducing weight.


Active Beadlock

Runflat CBR sits on the wheel rim with a close fit between the tyre’s beads. When it is tightened on to the wheel during fitting it is compressed against the wheel and this forces the flexible base of the runflat laterally into the tyre’s beads, creating a strong beadlock force.

When running flat, vehicle weight loadings on the runflat act to create a greater lateral force into the tyre’s beads, so directly increasing beadlock pressure and effectiveness.


Tyre bead widths vary, so all models feature an adjustable base. This ensures there is always the required beadlock force to guarantee excellent performance in all circumstances, regardless of tyre choice.

No ‘rubber’ components required for beadlock

Some consider it necessary for beadlock components to be made from rubber in order to cater for varying tyre bead thicknesses. This can compromise lateral force, providing good beadlock with thick beads but poor beadlock with thin beads. It is also a relatively heavy material and so was not included within the design brief for Runflat CBR. Instead, the new flexible cantilever design, adjustable width base and advanced materials ensures constant beadlock force regardless of tyre make, with the added benefit of reduced weight.


Runflat CBR directs loads into the wheel’s tyre seat area, precisely where the wheel is designed to carry vehicle weight and loadings. This is a desirable feature for both wheel and vehicle manufacturer, unlike traditional runflat inserts that transfer loadings into the centre of the rim, an area not designed to carry such loading.


Runflat CBR includes an outer anti-friction roller (not included with escape models). This lightweight device provides longer runflat distances than traditional systems, while adding protection to the main body of the runflat from kerb-strike damage.

Made from a toughened grade of DuPont Hytrel carefully chosen to compliment the material used for the main body of the runflat, for minimum coefficient of friction and a long cool running runflat life.


High grade ‘intelligent’ lubrication is semi-sealed between the runflat body and outer roller, so there is minimal lubrication leakage after a runflat incident, making for a clean environment for tyre fitters.

Runflat CBR makes obsolete the need to apply lubricants inside the tyre or on the outside of the runflat.

ntelligent lubricant ‘sticks’ the roller onto the main runflat body for normal running but becomes more fluid once running flat, as temperature increases above 60°C.
It is also a specifically engineered lubrication compatible with the materials used in the components of Runflat CBR, making for a long service life.


The cantilever segments are designed to take high weight, shock loading and kerb strikes. However, they are also designed with some in-built flex in order to absorb shocks, specifically when running deflated off-road. This ability is a result of a combination of both design and the high-tech material used in the construction of the main body of Runflat CBR.


Runflat CBR fits centrally on the wheel and offers a wider support than traditional runflat inserts, spreading runflat loads across the tyre for longer runflat distances. Being central on the wheel means steering geometry is unaffected when running flat. The sectional shape of the top of the runflat helps keep the deflated tyre running centrally on the roller to further decrease temperatures and increase runflat distance as well as driver control.


Running flat, the tyre sits squarely on the anti-friction roller, so there is little friction between the tyre and runflat and the tyre temperature can remain low. Friction is absorbed between the outer roller and the main body of the runflat and combined with dissimilar materials for a low coefficient of friction and a state-of-the-art semi-sealed lubricant, heat is kept in control under high speed or long distance runflat.

Materials and lubricant function over the vulcanisation temperature of the tyre, at which point it would have disintegrated, although due to its design these temperatures have never been reached even under the most demanding testing.

These materials also produce less heat and run cooler than rubber runflat inserts.


Due to the cantilever design normal TPMS systems, whether located on the inside of the wheel or wheel well, or combined with the tyre valve, are unaffected. Runflat CBR bridges most systems.


Runflat CBR is unique in not fitting on the base of the wheel inside the tyre or within the wheel’s well. Therefore no inner wheel shape, well size or drawings are required. To order Runflat CBR basic wheel details are required; diameter, width, tyre details (make, type and size, including aspect ratio), vehicle type, gross weight, expected use and terrain.

For best beadlock force on all tyre makes Runflat CBR is width adjustable. Details how to adjust will be included in our fitting manual and on our website.


For Runflat CBR Off-Road and Low Profile, less than 10 minutes, using normal tyre fitting equipment plus some small tools, Allen Key, valve fishing tool, etc., available with our compact toolkit.

Military heavy duty systems take just a little longer depending on whichever normal method of fitting is employed.

Fitting pictorial and written instructions are supplied in a manual and on our website.

Tool Kit

A toolkit is available to enable easy fitting, supplied in a compact tool bag. Tools included are shown in the fitting manual and on the fitting guide on our website.


We fully understand the need for customer support and offer fitting training and assistance and a comprehensive aftersales service through our team of trained professionals.

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