All-tyres-down runflat on the normal single piece wheel

CBR (Combined Beadlock Runflat) is a revolutionary new concept that combines both beadlock and runflat support on the normal single piece wheel. This is unique and a huge step forward within the runflat industry.
CBR introduces a brand new category of runflat insert. Strong beadlock means low-pressure operations and the use of CTIS is available on the normal single piece wheel, effectively rendering heavier two-piece wheel and runflat combinations unnecessary.
CBR’s new technology brings a lightweight system to the market that provides all-tyres-down runflat on the normal single piece wheel and introduces new performance capabilities beyond those of current state-of-the-art.
CBR cannot be compared to any other runflat insert on the market. It combines the benefits of the heavier two-piece wheel/runflat while incorporating new features such as patented lightweight cantilever shock absorbing construction, ‘active beadlock’, friction reducing components and sealed lubrication... but fits on the normal single piece wheel... within 10 minutes or less.

Redefining performance a new class of runflat

Redefining Runflat Capability

Beadlock combined with runflat support (CBR) introduces a new runflat insert category. A brand new concept for the single piece wheel.

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Combined Beadlock Runflat (CBR) brings all-tyres-down mobility to the normal single piece wheel. New technology redefines runflat capability and performance unattainable with conventional runflat inserts.

CBR can exceed the capabilities of the best two-piece wheel and runflat systems that include beadlock, in a significantly lighter and easier to fit package on the less costly single piece wheel.

For the first time, low pressure operations and CTIS can be used with a single piece wheel.

AdvancedSteering Control

CBR allows control with one or both tyres deflated on a steering axle. Integrated ‘active beadlock’ ensures significantly greater control than any other system used to date on the single piece wheel.

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Wide support keeps the tyre centralised on the wheel when running flat and the tyre’s beads are locked on the wheel to prevent movement, instability and to increase runflat distances.

CBR’s unique patented cantilever design incorporates shock absorbing flexibility to ensure excellent contact with road or track, for best performance and control.

Traction – in a class of its own

CBR is in a class of its own ensuring the vehicle maintains full traction, whether one or all tyres are deflated and it achieves this on normal single piece wheels. New cantilever technology, patented ‘active beadlock’ and wide centralised support ensures maximum security on all wheels.

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Before the introduction of CBR beadlock had not been available on the single piece wheel. Now, CBR’s unique beadlock ensures that best possible traction can be maintained in all situations.

The short film extract is from testing at Millbrook Proving Ground (UTAC) demonstrating all-tyres-down traction on a 35° slope (traction is not compromised on steeper gradients). CBR’s wheel to tyre grip also ensures best possible braking, steering and cornering control when one or all tyres are deflated on normal single piece wheels.

High Speed And EvasiveDriving Performance

CBR allows the trained driver to control the vehicle in evasive driving, J Turns and more, regardless of the number of tyres deflated. This ability is unique for vehicles running on standard single piece wheels.

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The industry has long accepted that steering control with both tyres deflated on the same axle is unsatisfactory and traction cannot be maintained with both tyres deflated on a driven axle. This has long been recognised for all runflat inserts on single piece wheels prior to CBR, which is why two-piece or specialist wheels have been required for vehicle control with multiple deflations. CBR has revolutionised the industry, enabling the ordinary single piece wheel and a lighter runflat to replace the heavier two-piece wheel for best runflat control, even with multiple deflated tyres.

CBR’s light weight and technologically superior design also supports high speed runflat and evasive manoeuvres that are beyond the capabilities of traditional runflat inserts.

The short film clip is from testing at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground with one, two and four tyres deflated on a Police specification Volvo.

Pas 301 Certification

CBR’s ground breaking performance on the single piece wheel has been realised through independent PAS 301 certification carried out at Millbrook Proving Ground by Millbrook/UTAC CERAM (Millbrook Report MBK21-2284). Although this motor industry test for civilian armoured vehicles (CAV) does not include off-road aspects it does include the toughest on-road performance tests to date, more demanding than Finabel, with tough maximum speed cornering, braking and traction requirements.

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Runflat CBR Extreme is PAS 301 certified, passing with maximum ratings.

The test vehicle was a Toyota Landcruiser at maximum gross weight and fitted with stock Toyota single piece alloy wheels and off-the-shelf Runflat CBR Extreme.

Film clip is by Millbrook/UTAC.


Both CBR Extreme and Escape handle Finabel with ease and uniquely with all tyres deflated.

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The vehicle on the short film clip was running at maximum gross weight, fitted with stock CBR Extreme runflat inserts and with all four tyres deflated.

CBR Extreme can complete A.20.A over 150km with 2 or all 4 tyres deflated and CBR Escape A.20.5 with 2 or all 4 tyres deflated, running on stock single piece wheels.

Finabel tests require two tyres deflated, on opposite corners of the vehicle, allowing for the understanding that vehicles on single piece wheels cannot be steered if both tyres of the steering axle are deflated or traction is lost if both are deflated on a driven axle, so in reality these tests are fairly limited in scope.

Finabel test speeds are also low and the road section tests are not as severe as PAS 301.

Runflat CBR Extreme can run for longer distances than other runflat inserts. For special applications, on demand, runflat distances over 250km may be achieved with the optional addition of extra lubrication units within its sealed lubrication system.

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