Redefining performance a new class of runflat

Redefining Industry Peformance

On the normal single piece wheel CBR can exceed the capabilities of the best two-piece wheel systems and incorporates new technology in a lightweight package with all tyres-down performance.

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CBR takes away the necessity for the heavier and more costly two-piece wheel with runflat/beadlock for best eprformance.

CBR is a new class of runflat insert, providing all-tyres-deflated performance on the single piece wheel, longer, runflat distances and introduces the option to use CTIS for the first time on the lighter single piece wheel.

Vehicle filmed high speed testing at Bruntingthorpe Proving ground with 1,2 and all tyres deflated.

AdvancedSteering Control

Comprehensively greater steering control than any other single piece wheel system when running flat due to beedlock and a wide central tyre support – an improvement compared to the narrow and offset support provided by most traditional inserts.

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CBR’s “crowned” running surface design also keeps the tyre centralised on the insert when running flat. Sealed lubricated ensures longer, cooler runflat.

Vehicle filmed with all tyres deflated.


Even with all tyres deflated absolute traction control is maintained – unique on the normal single piece wheel. CBR incorporates patented ‘active beadlock’ which increases beadlock force the greater the load applied, ensuring even better beadlock than most traditional two-piece wheel systems.

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The short film clip shows all-tyres-down traction on a 35 degree slope – traction is not compromised on even greater gradients.

This wheel to tyre grip also ensures best possible braking when one or all tyres are deflated.

High Speed And EvasiveLong Distance Runflat

Lightweight and built to pass PAS 301 certification CBR’s combination of steering and cornering control through advanced beadlock, centralised support and shock absorbing qualities ensures industry leading performance compared to single or two piece wheel inserts.

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Even with both tyres deflated on a steering axle acceptable steering control is maintained and traction maintained with both tyres deflated on a driven axle and this control is still maintained if all four tyres are deflated.

Pas 301 Certification

CBR’s ground breaking performance on the single piece wheel has been realised through independent PAS certification carried out at Millbrook Proving Ground by Millbrook/UTAC CERAM.

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Although this motor industry test does not include off-road aspects it includes the toughest set of on-road performace parameters, more demanding than Finabel tests, with maximum speed/performance cornering, braking and traction requirements.

Runflat CBR Extreme is PAS 301 certified, passing with maximum ratings.


Road section Finabel tests are not as severe as PAS 301 and off-road components are carried out at much lower speeds than can be achieved with CBR. Two tyres on opposing corners of the vehicle only are deflated during these tests.

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Both CBR Extreme and Escape handle Finabel with ease with two or even four tyres deflated. Extreme can complete A.20.A over 150km with 2 or all tyres deflated and Escape A.20.5 with 2 or all tyres deflated. Depending on vehicle weight

Finabel requirements can be met at higher speeds than required in these tests.

Vehicle filmed is running with all 4 tyres fully deflated.

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