The CBR team have had considerable experience in the runflat market since the 1980s and have contributed to runflat technology worldwide, including systems in use today.

Recognizing the relatively poor performance when using single piece wheels and traditional runflat inserts and the greater weight, cost and fitting issues with two-piece wheels and their runflat inserts, the team set out to create a system to provide all-tyres-down performance and to exceed Finabel tests and the US military standard when fitted to a normal single piece drop-centre wheel.

To meet these objectives the runflat clearly needed to incorporate beadlock that could be conveniently fitted onto a single piece wheel and normal tyre assembly. From these objectives the CBR (Combined Beadlock Runflat) concept was born.

CBR cannot be compared to any other runflat insert on the market and represents a new category as it combines the benefits of the heavier two-piece wheel/runflat, but on the lighter and less costly single piece wheel, while incorporating such new features as lightweight cantilever shock absorbing construction, ‘active beadlock’, friction reducing components and sealed lubrication … and it can be fitted within 10 minutes or less.