The CBR team is not new to the industry, with designers and engineers that have had continuous experience in the runflat market since the late 1980s and have already contributed to runflat technology worldwide, including systems in use today.

To turn the CBR concept into a commercially viable product has required considerable financial investment and an expanded team, bringing in new talent, a fresh approach, with engineers qualified in the aerospace industry and at Ferrari’s Formula-One team.

From the outset the team set out to create a system that would provide all-tyres-down performance on the normal single piece wheel and with runflat performance to exceed Finabel A.20.A at a minimum of 150km and to exceed 80km at 80kph with one or all tyres down.


Later the brief was extended to include PAS 301 certification for Civilian Armoured Vehicles (CAV). These performance objectives were met, with PAS 301 Certification carried out by UTAC / Millbrook in December 2021.

Traditionally there have been two types of runflat insert; those with no beadlock and fitted on single piece wheels, or those with beadlock and a runflat support, which could only be fitted on two-piece or specialist wheels.

Runflat CBR is the first insert to include beadlock and runflat support (CBR) that can be fitted to normal single piece drop-centre wheels – and fitted in 10 minutes or less.

  • CBR is the only runflat insert that includes beadlock on the single piece wheel.
  • Unique cantilever construction for;
    • lightest weight
    • patented ‘active beadlock’
    • shock absorbing flexibility
    • friction reducing outer component

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  • Cantilever design can reduce the need for heavy duty or uprated wheels. Current state-of-the-art runflat inserts locate on the wheel’s centre section which is an area not designed to carry these loads, resulting in stresses that can generate wheel cracking, which is why heavy duty or uprated wheels are often necessary. CBR directs runflat loads into the wheel’s seats where loads are designed to be carried.
  • Due to its strong beadlock CBR is the first runflat insert to facilitate low pressure operations and the use of CTIS on the single piece wheel.

Before general release, CBR was trialled by a military organisation for two and a half years in the field, in harsh environments. Minor upgrades were incorporated to ensure easy servicing in all conditions and a soldier friendly product.

Countless third-party tests were carried out on and off-road at IDIADA, Spain, UTAC/Millbrook and Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground and speed and longevity tests at Rimstock plc. Much of the testing was filmed with some shown on the website.

Aftersales care is clearly understood to be a priority, so the Company has set up a fitting and demonstration studio, so wherever you are in the world one-to-one assistance is available through Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Fitting instructions and videos are also available for download on our website.

After 35 years’ experience in the runflat industry the team could see that ordering runflats needed to be simplified and without the need for wheel drawings or internal specifications. Only wheel and tyre size is needed to order CBR.

CBR is manufactured in the UK (OEM and tier 1 automotive supplier) and components are injection moulded using state-of-the-art machinery ensuring consistent and accurate product conformity and lowest cost for volume production.

Although CBR is more complex than other systems, efficient manufacturing methods keep costs and delivery times to a minimum.