CBR introduces


Lightweight cantilever design with patented ‘active beadlock’ technology, shock absorption and sealed lubrication ensure CBR is the best performing lightest and fastest to fit runflat solution and it can be fitted to the normal single piece drop-centre wheel.

A second generation Runflat CBR to meet PAS 301 certification and further exceed Finabel standards has been introduced for 2022 in both Escape and Extreme variations. All are uprated to carry 2,000kg or more and with a minimum 4.5 G shock loading capacity (9,000kg) static load per wheel, to suit armoured 4×4 and other vehicles.

CBR is believed to offer best runflat performance by a wide margin over any other current system and is the first of a brand new category for the single piece wheel.

Two CBR types to suit best customer requirements.

CBR Escape

For the lightest weight, suited for highest speeds and 50km or more runflat, including off-road, evasive driving and ‘J’ Turn capability with one or all tyres deflated. Finabel certified.

CBR Extreme

Best suited for longest distance heavy duty and off-road use with one or all tyres deflated. With Finabel and PAS 301 certification.

CBR Extreme & CBR Escape

CBR Extreme

PAS Certified

With CBR ‘active beadlock’ technology both CBR Extreme and Escape are the first runflat inserts to provide all-tyres-down runflat capability on the normal single piece drop-centre wheel. CBR Extreme incorporates a wide central support for the deflated tyre and an anti-friction outer component for longer runflat distances. Its sealed lubrication system makes for clean tyre changing or repair, saving mess, time, cost and environmental hazard.

CBR provides greater steering control than other single piece wheel systems due to its combination of strong patented ‘active’  PAS 301 CERTIFIED beadlock and wide central tyre support with a shaped running surface to keep the tyre centralised when running flat, which is a significant improvement compared to traditional inserts with narrow footprint and usually offset from the wheel’s centreline.

Traction control is maintained even when all tyres are deflated. This is unique for the normal single piece drop-centre wheel. CBR’s beadlock force increases the greater the load applied, ensuring even better beadlock than most runflat inserts fitted to traditional two-piece wheels. Excellent wheel to tyre grip also ensures best possible braking when deflated.

CBR has been ballistics tested as defined by Finabel and remained functional following trials. The materials used in the construction of CBR inserts do not shatter or deform following ballistic attack.

Capabilities include Finabel A.20.A 150km – with all tyres deflated and PAS 301 certification.

CBR Escape


CBR Escape is off-road, ‘J’ turn/evasive/defensive driving and Finabel A.20.5 capable with one or all tyres deflated.

Escape cannot cover the longer distances that Extreme is capable of as it does not incorporate the outer friction reducing component. Instead, Escape incorporates a sealed internal lubrication system within its cantilever design and releases lubricant between the runflat and tyre only when in a runflat situation.

Depending on specific user requirements, extra lubrication pods can be added to increase runflat range where required. Apart from the friction reducing component and different lubrication system all other aspects are the same as CBR Extreme.

*Runflat distance may depend on speed, weight, road surface, driving style and other factors

CBR allows single piece wheels to be used for maximum runflat and all-tyres-down performance and removing the necessity for two-piece or specialist wheels for best traction, steering control, or CTIS operations.

CBR offers the advantages of the two-piece wheel/runflat combination in a much lighter package on the less costly and lighter single piece wheel. Fitting is also simplified.

CBR Military 10 x 20

CBR Military wheel

A Military CBR Extreme insert was introduced in 2021, together with a single piece military specification forged alloy wheel. Suitable for 335/80 R20 tyres this system provided all-tyres-down runflat and the lowest weight combination available. Uniquely it allows low pressure and CTIS operation on the single piece wheel.

CBR Military represents a new class of runflat insert and fitted to a single piece drop-centre wheel, in steel or alloy, may render two-piece and specialist wheels unnecessary.

Following the recent development of a ‘second generation’ CBR for armoured and 4×4 vehicles it was decided to incorporate these new features in a second generation CBR Military runflat to provide the ultimate solution for military truck users.

The Company is currently working in conjunction with a defence organisation and military truck OEM to perfect this second-generation system, while further developing its redundancy back-up features for ballistic attack survivability. The system is scheduled to be available by the end of 2022, at the conclusion and sign-off of third-party and military trials.

The Company is currently working in conjunction with a military organisation and military truck OEMs to perfect this second-generation system, while further developing its redundancy back-up features for ballistic attack survivability.

The system is scheduled to be available at the end of 2022, at the conclusion of third-party trials.

A new single piece military specification forged alloy wheel, suitable for 335/80 R20 tyres. Designed with a choice of 4,000kg or 5,500kg capacity in forged aluminium A6061-T6 and optimised to carry the CBR runflat insert, with CTIS optional (unique for the single piece wheel). Available in a range of offsets, PCD and centre bore sizes.

Design and production of these forged alloy wheels can accommodate special demands and the production of small or volume quantities.

Designed and developed to optimised weight and significantly lighter than than the two-piece wheel means a significant weight saving when used with CBR – an unbeatable saving in unsprung weight.

In forged alloy these wheels have great impact resistance for use off-road and in the toughest environments.

Fitting CBR to a single piece wheel can be carried out in the field, in the same manner as fitting a normal truck tyre.

Wheels tyres & complete assemblies

We supply wheels, tyres or fully assembled with runflat inserts. Please request pricing.

Traditional Runflat


• CBR is a new category of runflat insert that provides vastly superior performance including all-tyres-down runflat on the single piece wheel
• Ultimate traction is made possible through patented ‘active beadlock’
• Significantly better cornering and steering control
• Longer runflat distances
• Shock absorption
• Sealed lubrication
• Reduced need for uprated wheels through intelligent design
• The unique option to carry out low pressure or CTIS operations
• No internal wheel details/drawing required – for simplified ordering

• CBR in conjunction with a single piece wheel is significantly lighter
• CBR’s modern technology gives longer cooler runflat and at higher speeds.
• Shock absorbing design and ‘active beadlock’ enhances performance. Beadlock force is maintained regardless of tyre bead size
• Lubrication is sealed
• Fitting and servicing is simplified and faster, saving ongoing costs
• Capital costs are less
• No internal wheel details/drawing required – for simplified ordering


In reality CBR is just a small percentage more costly than traditional systems and significantly less costly than the alternative two-piece wheel/runflat combination, despite its better performance than either type. CBR’s manufacturing cost has been driven down through volume injection moulding, innovative design using universal components and the use of modern production methods.

Category 1 inserts only fit single piece wheels, have no beadlock and therefore limited performance.

Category 2 inserts include beadlock, provide better performance (and with more than one tyre deflated), but can only be fitted to heavier and more costly two-piece or specialist wheels.

CBR introduces a new Category 3 runflat insert, where runflat and beadlock are combined and designed to fit single piece wheel, provideing the enhanced performance of traditional Category 2 inserts but in a significantly lighter and less costly package.

An important cost reduction throughout the life of the vehicle is another advantage of CBR as its sealed lubrication reduces time when dismounting and refitting during tyre repair or replacement.

When compared to Category 2 inserts on two-piece wheels, fitting is faster, so downtime is reduced and CBR’s sealed lubrication avoids mess, lubricant replacement and environmental hazard.

Category 1

Traditional flat tyre support products (termed runflat inserts), without beadlock, for single piece wheels.

Category 2

Traditional combined beadlock/runflat inserts for two-piece or specialist wheels.

Category 3

Combined Beadlock and Runflat inserts for the single piece wheel. Currently only Runflat CBR exists within this category.