The first fully functioning mechanical beadlock
for the single piece drop centre wheel.


All CBR systems are full beadlocks and apply pressure to both tyre beads.

CBR Escape is an ideal system for users needing beadlock for low pressure traction and performance.

  • Carefully sized to avoid impingement at low pressure.
  • The added advantage that it doubles as a runflat support in the event of total air loss.

True mechanical beadlock provided by CBR is unique for the single piece wheel.

CBR on a single piece wheel introduces significant benefits over the traditional bolt together wheel with beadlock types:

Beadlock with bolt together or two-piece wheel

  • Heavy. Typical 4×4 wheel can be 10 – 15 lbs (4.5 – 7 kg) heavier than standard wheel.
  • Greater weight reduces performance and increases fuel consumption.
  • Reduces payload capacity.
  • Usually costs double the price of a standard wheel.
  • Maintenance, re-torqueing bolts numerous times per year.
  • Some of the wheels are not DOT approved

CBR system – Combined Beadlock Runflat

  • Lighter weight standard/production wheel can be used.
  • Minimal change to performance, fuel consumption or payload capacity.
  • No extra cost for a special wheel.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • No change to wheel or vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.