Two CBR types


CBR Extreme

PAS Certified

With CBR ‘active beadlock’ technology both CBR Extreme and Escape are the first runflat inserts to provide all-tyres-down runflat capability on the normal single piece drop-centre wheel. Extreme incorporates a wide central support for the deflated tyre and an anti-friction outer component for longer runflat distances. Its sealed lubrication system makes for clean tyre changing or repair, saving mess, time, cost and environmental hazard.

CBR provides greater steering control than other single piece wheel systems due to strong patented ‘active’ beadlock, further enhanced by a wide and central tyre support, a significant improvement compared to traditional inserts with narrow footprint, usually offset from the wheel’s centreline. Its shaped running surface design keeps the tyre centralised on the insert when running flat.

Traction control is maintained even when all tyres are deflated and this is unique on the normal single piece drop-centre wheel. CBR’s patented ‘active beadlock’ increases beadlock force the greater the load applied, ensuring even better beadlock than many runflat inserts fitted to traditional two-piece wheels. Excellent wheel to tyre grip also ensures best possible braking when deflated.

CBR has been ballistics tested as defined by Finabel and remained functional following trials. The materials used in the construction of CBR inserts do not shatter or deform following ballistic attack.

Capabilities include Finabel A.20.A 150km – with all tyres deflated and PAS 301 certification.

CBR Escape


CBR Escape is off-road, ‘J’ turn/evasive/defensive driving and Finabel A.20.5 capable with one or all tyres deflated.

Escape cannot cover the longer distances that Extreme is capable of as it does not incorporate the outer friction reducing component. Instead, Escape incorporates a sealed internal lubrication system within its cantilever design and releases lubricant between the runflat and tyre only when in a runflat situation.

Depending on specific user requirements, extra lubrication pods can be added to increase runflat range where required. Apart from the friction reducing component and different lubrication system all other aspects are identical to CBR Extreme.

CBR has introduced a new category of runflat insert to the marketplace

CBR allows single piece wheels to be used for maximum runflat and all-tyres-down performance for the first time while removing the necessity for two-piece or specialist wheels for best traction, steering control, or CTIS operations.

CBR offers the advantages of the two-piece wheel/runflat combination in a much lighter package on the less costly and lighter single piece wheel, with simple fitting. The introduction of other new technology ensures best performance.