CBR Extreme redefines long distance runflat with a world leading performance on or off-road. With its Combined Beadlock and Runflat support (CBR) Extreme represents a step change in technology for the single piece drop-centre wheel, providing all-tyres-deflated control, traction and braking.

In 2017 third party independent testing at IDIADA, Spain verified runflat distance capability in excess of 100km at an average of 31kph. Continuous development now sees these distances exceeded at 50kph*

All CBR types include patented ‘Active Beadlock’ technology, a wide central support for the deflated tyre and an anti-friction component for long distance, with semi-sealed lubrication system for clean tyre changing or repair, saving mess, time and cost.

The unique cantilever design ensures loads are transferred to both the wheel seats when running flat, whereas traditional runflat inserts load the centre section of the wheel – not designed to carry such loads – so reducing the requirement for heavy duty wheels in some applications.

Multi-piece or specialist wheels are no longer the only option when beadlock is a necessary requirement and for the first time, low pressure and CTI operations are usable on the normal single piece wheel.

Fitting times can be less than 10 minutes and runflats safely fitted using normal tyre fitting machines or hand tools.

// All tyres deflated runflat on the single piece wheel
// More than 100km runflat, depending on speed and application*
// Sealed lubrication – for clean cost-efficient tyre changes
// Low pressure & CTI compatible on single piece wheels
// Fast & safe fitting
// Assessed against PAS 301 on fully laden 4 x 4

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*Note: It is not possible to guarantee any runflat insert will be able to provide an absolute performance over a fixed distance or speed.

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