CBR Extreme redefines long distance runflat with a world leading performance on or off-road. With its Combined Beadlock and Runflat support (CBR) Extreme represents a step change in technology for the single piece drop-centre wheel, providing all-tyres-deflated control, traction and braking.

In 2017 third party independent testing at IDIADA, Spain verified runflat distance capability in excess of 100km at an average of 31kph. Continuous development now sees these distances exceeded at 50kph*

All CBR types include patented ‘Active Beadlock’ technology, a wide central support for the deflated tyre and an anti-friction component for long distance, with semi-sealed lubrication system for clean tyre changing or repair, saving mess, time and cost.

Traction control is maintained even when all tyres are deflated and this is unique on the normal single piece drop-centre wheel. CBR’s patented ‘active beadlock’increases beadlock force the greater the load applied, ensuring even better beadlock than many runflat inserts fitted to traditional two-piece wheels. This wheel to tyre grip also ensures best possible braking when deflated.

CBR products have been ballistics tested as defined by Finabel and remained functional following trials. The materials used in the construction of CBR inserts does not shatter or deform following ballistic attack.

CBR has introduced a new class of runflat insert to the marketplace, allowing single piece wheels to be used for maximum runflat performance for the first time. The need for two-piece or specialist wheels for best traction and steering control, or for CTIS operations, is no longer an absolute necessity.


CBR offers the advantages of the two-piece wheel/runflat combination in a lightweight package on the less costly and lighter single piece wheel, while incorporating new technology as described above.

CBR Escape is lighter than Extreme and best suited for higher speed use when extra long runflat distances are not required.

Although off-road and Finabel A.20.5 capable, Escape cannot cover the longer distances that Extreme is capable of as it does not incorporate the outer friction reducing component.

Instead, Escape has an internal lubrication system within itscantilever design and releases lubricant between the runflat and tyre only when in a runflat situation.

Apart from the outer friction reducing component being replaced with an integral lubrication system, all other aspects are identical to CBR Extreme. Note that the outer component does give CBR Extreme additional protection in rough off-road environments.


CBR Escape is ‘J’ Turn and evasive/defensive driving capable with one or all-tyres-down in the same way as CBR Extreme

A military CBR Extreme was introduced in 2021 together with a new single piece military specification forged alloy wheel.

Suitable for 335/80 R20 tyres this system provided all-tyres-down runflat. The wheel was designed with a choice of 4,000kg or 5,500kg capacity in forged aluminium A6061-T6 and optimised to carry the runflat insert, with CTIS optional.

Following development of the second generation CBR for armoured and 4×4 vehicles a decision was made to incorporate the same new features in a second generation military CBR runflat in order to provide the ultimate solution for military truck users, with outstanding off-road performance at the minimum possible weight.

The Company is currently working in conjunction with a military organisation and military truck OEM to perfect this second generation system, which is expected to be available at the end of 2022.


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*Note: It is not possible to guarantee any runflat insert will be able to provide an absolute performance over a fixed distance or speed.

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