Demonstration witnessed by the British MoD
Dstl, overseas military and vehicle manufacturers


In September 2018 at the DVD Exhibition, Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedford, UK, Runflat CBR was demonstrated on the Off-Road Track. Passengers were taken around the course to experience and witness a new level of runflat performance never before achieved on the normal single piece wheel.

On one set of the vehicle’s standard wheels (single piece drop-centre) and tyres, fitted with CBR Extreme inserts, the vehicle (at all times fully laden) completed 8 hours running flat with all 4 tyres deflated.

The course included:

• 35° ascending and descending gravel hill and 155° breakover
• ditch run
• log run
• snake climb
• sand hills 37° ascending and descending
• twist climb
• rock trails

Demonstrations were witnessed by the British MoD, Dstl, overseas military forces, vehicle manufacturers and vehicle armourers.

• Tyre temperatures did not raise above ambient.
• Tyres were “as new” at the conclusion of the demonstrations.
• Notable during the demonstrations was the flexibility and shock absorption of the runflat inserts, as well as superb steering control and traction.