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PAS Note re Finabel tests:

Finabel tests are quite ‘old’ standards conceived around runflat inserts that did not incorporate beadlock on the single piece wheel, i.e. current state-of-the-art and, before CBR was introduced.

Vehicles could/cannot perform adequately with these runflats if both wheels on a driven axle were deflated – no traction, or if both deflated on a steering axle – no steering, hence the required standard required only deflated tyres on opposite corners.

Furthermore, these pre CBR runflats could/can only perform at low speeds, hence the very low speed requirements of the Finabel tests.

This standard clearly is inadequate to cover an ambush scenario.

CBR Escape

PAS Double the speed

Private testing has demonstrated that both Extreme and Escape can exceed their Finabel tests at twice the Finabel speed requirements if 2 tyres are deflated on opposite corners.

PAS Caution

Runflat distance and speed cannot be guaranteed in every circumstance (applies to all runflat inserts) and will be affected by many factors including; vehicle weight, road/track conditions, ambient and road temperature, age of tyre and the extent of damage to the tyre that caused the deflation.

CBR Extreme

PAS PAS 301 Millbrook Proving Ground Test 1 FRH

PAS PAS 301 Millbrook Proving Ground Test 2 LRH