Pioneers of combined beadlock and
runflat support (CBR) on the normal
single piece drop-centre wheel


Run Flat Systems Ltd was incorporated in 2007 to research and develop new runflat technology at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield and in 2019 relocated to larger premises at Skypark, Doncaster Sheffield Airport.


Our team is not new to the industry, in fact with a combined 102 years runflat experience have already contributed to runflat technology worldwide, for example; improving Rodgard in order to pass FINABEL, designing and patenting products for Tyron, creating Rodgard’s SecureBand, operating as consultants to Hutchinson’s ex-president, inventing the world’s first runflat with beadblock, then with true beadlock on Runflat CBR, and more.


It has long been recognised that fresh runflat technology was needed and the accepted performance of the past 30 years be radically improved. The original team, with hands-on industry experience, was expanded with new talent and a fresh approach, including skilled engineers qualified in the aerospace industry and at Ferrari’s Formula-One team.

After years of research, development and significant financial investment the Company has introduced its new technology and re-defined runflat performance.

Past experience demonstrates a need for excellent after-sales assistance and support and with this in mind the Company offers knowledgeable after-sales engineers able to provide fast back-up and support for all customers.