Independently third party tested to be capable
of runflat distances in excess of 250km


Performance claims will only be published in line with verified reports from organisations running these third party trials.

CBR Extreme has been assessed against PAS 301 and testing on front tyres fitted with runflats has been passed with close to a 100% score. Testing will be undertaken on rear wheels fitted with CBR Extreme during September 2019 and test results published.

The Company has full in-house design facilities and an impressive engineering team. Designs are assessed through the latest state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA). FEA is used at the design stage not only to assesses overall strength and weight carrying capacity but also shock resistance, cornering load, kerb strike effects and beadlock effect and forces. The Company operates an Advanced Product Quality Planning process and is ISO 9001 – 2015 Certified.

Static laboratory testing is exhaustively undergone at Boeing’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Sheffield, where the Company has permanent test rig facilities. Endurance and longevity testing is carried out at the UK’s leading alloy wheel manufacturing facility.

New systems are comprehensively track tested, followed by environmental and durability trials.


Once the design of each Runflat CBR model has been adjusted in line with the findings of FEA and FMEA testing, prototype components are manufactured in order to continue to static trials, which are carried out at Boeing’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre. Strength, weight capacity, shock absorption, kerb strike and beadlock force and effect are measured.

Results are then analysed and components are fine-tuned and re-tested until the required parameters are met.

At this stage, assembled wheel, tyre and runflat units are longevity tested by one of the UK’s leading OEM wheel manufacturers. Continuous test runs simulating 10,000 km at 90mph (144kph) followed by brake and acceleration simulations prior to long distance road trials at motorway speeds to certify durability, wheel balance and reliability, then extensive off-road trials…


Runflat CBR systems have to meet laboratory impact targets to ensure sufficient shock absorption to help protect vehicle suspension and to resist runflat damage during off-road runflat.

Third party testing and performance endorsement is carried out at various automotive industry test centres including, IDIADA Spain and Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK. Performance claims made by the Company are verifiable or carried out by independent test houses.