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  • All tyres deflated runflat capability on the single piece wheel
  • Tactical driving capability with all tyres down
  • Over 100km runflat at 50kph, depending on conditions*
  • High speed runflat – see ‘Testing’
  • Traction, steering and drivability on or off-road
  • Low pressure and CTI compatible on the single piece wheel


Runflat CBR  is the first ‘Combined Beadlock Runflat’ for the single piece wheel.

Has the benefits of a runflat with beadlock for two-piece wheels but fits the single piece drop-centre wheel.

A lighter, less costly and easier to service alternative.

A security vehicle must be able to maintain mobility with one or all tyres flat in order to escape danger and return the crew to safety. Runflat CBR is the only product on the market to fulfil this requirement on a single piece drop-centre wheel. CBR Extreme has been tested over 250 km at 50 kph while our CBR Escape has achieved 100 km at 50 kph and 35km at 100 kph.

Replace/repair tyres without messy grease inside the tyre
Fast fitting - typically less than 10 minutes
Cantilever technology applies load to wheel seats, not wheel centre, reducing potential for wheel rim breakage. Introduces ´Active Beadlock
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*Note: It is not possible to guarantee any runflat insert will be able to provide an absolute performance over a fixed distance or speed.

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Play the full video to understand the technical advantages of Runflat CBR’s ‘active beadlock’ invention.

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